Anxiety of the Budding Novel

Another full readthrough
Another chance of possibilities
Could it be good enough?
Or receive all hostilities?

More confident than ever
Word count relatively stable
An ambitious endeavor
This long coming fable

Your heart’s in the words
Hope baits on your breath
The thought riles your nerves
That you might have something yet

The thought of a future
For your beloved creation
Get it off the computer
and into publication

Maybe it’s ready?
Maybe it’s not?
Maybe someone will take it
Without a second thought?

Maybe you shout to the void
And don’t get an answer
Maybe your hope’s destroyed
And questions go unanswered

What if no one likes it?
What if comes all rejection?
What if they want you to admit
You went in the wrong direction?

Maybe no one will read it
Maybe it’ll flop
But if you don’t submit
It’ll never pop

Instead of what if failure
What about what if success?
You could get a movie trailer
And no one would have guessed

A love for your creation
Is all you really need
Apply all education
And aim only to succeed

Another full readthrough
Let it fill yourself with hope
Of the possibilities you can dive into
On this mountainous slope

Every author has a journey
That only some can stand
Of the challenging tourney
Of getting their novel to their hand

So contact your editors
The queries will begin soon
Don’t worry about competitors
Just enjoy your full read through

Published by Nikki

I am an aspiring author with one novel written and ready for representation and many in the works.

2 thoughts on “Anxiety of the Budding Novel

  1. Stay positive and strong
    You won’t go wrong
    Every dream can come true
    So don’t be blue
    Stay the course with persistence
    And don’t worry about resistance
    Keep you head high and engaged
    And don’t let yourself be enraged
    Your future is so bright
    So keep that insight.

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