16 Things About You

I was scrolling through some of my old files the other day and I ended up finding a PowerPoint presentation titled: “16 Things about Me.” I did this PowerPoint in High School, probably junior or senior year. It was just an introductory PowerPoint for my English Class so everyone could get a chance to know each other. It got me thinking. If I was to do this PowerPoint over again for today, what would the differences be? What would remain the same? And what about you? If you had to tell people you just met 16 things about you, what would they be? Would they be your favorite things, or your shortcomings? Would it just be about your job, where you live, the typical form stuff? Or would it involve your likes and dislikes? I dare you think about it. 16 things. 16 of anything about you. What would they be?

My 2011 16 Things About Me PowerPoint points with 2022 Review:
  1. My name means “Victory of the People.”
    • My name is still the same, so this remains true
  2. My favorite birthday present was the green archery bow my brother got me.
    • He gave me a white, 35lbs. recurve bow a couple years later. They’re both displayed on my wall.
  3. I am a band geek who plays the flute
    • I don’t play the flute anymore, but marching band was one of my fondest high school memories.
  4. I listed the Church I went to.
  5. My favorite video game is Legend of Zelda
    • Still is!
  6. I like country music
    • Still do, but I listen to other music now too.
  7. My favorite color is blue
    • Now, it’s more violet and yellow.
    • Still very much true.
  9. I included photos of my family
  10. I hate computers
    • I used to not understand them, but now we have a mutual relationship.
  11. I love tie-dye
    • Still like it. Though, these days you can’t wear it without some people getting the wrong idea.
  12. I love animals
    • This will never change. I do work at a zoo after all.
  13. My dream car is a 1950s Chevy, bubble hood truck. It’s gotta be blue.
    • Would still love this truck, but its not a major goal. I’d like something electric now.
  14. I like to read
    • Still true. I just don’t usually give myself time to.
  15. I love campfires
    • Still do, just don’t go camping much anymore.
  16. I love the sky.
    • This will always be true. I love the moon. I love sunrises and sunsets. Stars are pretty. Blue skies are refreshing. Storms are awesome. So on and so forth!

So, looking back not a lot of my 16 things have changed. If I redid the list, it would likely look different. Starting off with my job or hobbies maybe. But, what about you? Are there any differences in your likes and dislikes from high school? How have you changed? For the better? Or did you just get older?

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I am an aspiring author with one novel written and ready for representation and many in the works.

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