Merry Cheetah Christmas!

It’s below a feels like of 20 degrees
I’m wearing six layers and can’t feel my feet.
The cheetah exhibit is currently bare
but the enrichment we have will put Christmas in the air
We’ve presents painted with child-safe paint
And streaming decorations that hang in your face
A cutout tree all decorated and pretty
Fitted with a skirt to look nice for our kitties
We’ve cardboard candy canes stuck in the ground
And hidden treats that will need to be found
Our favorite decorations are the stockings hung with care
Listing our cheetah’s names–they are quite the pair
Everything’s sprinkled with seasonings all around
Just so the boys can knock it all down
To decorate the exhibit is quite the honor
For someone who’s always been a cheetah fawner
We’ve just two boys, full of hisses and spits
And when locked off exhibit, they throw a small fit
The jury’s still out on if they’ve been good this year
It depends on which keeper you ask around here
But whether they’re naughty or whether they’re nice
And despite the fact that my face feels like ice
We’ll set up the exhibit, make it a big occasion
So our two cheetahs can have a Christmas celebration

Merry Christmas everyone!

Published by Nikki

I am an aspiring author with one novel written and ready for representation and many in the works.

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