Admirable Qualities

Question for you, and I’m sure everyone’s answer will be a little different:

What is a personality trait you admire in other people?

There’s a lot of personality traits out there: patient, geeky, listener, football fan, kind, thoughtful, funny, and so on and so forth. When you think about your closest friends and family. What is the trait that you think of first that you like about them? Is it knowing that they always have your back? They’re the shoulder you need to cry on? Or is it that they’re your partner in crime? A mentor? A role-model? If someone comes to mind, maybe you should tell them? Make their day. Just say: “Hey, you know, I really like this about you,” and watch them smile. Maybe you’ll get a compliment back?

But, stepping back. Let’s look at people as a whole. Go back to the basic traits of loyalty, patience, honesty, and whatnot. What is the first trait that comes to you mind that you admire about others? You want to know what mine was?


I admire boldness in other people. I admire those people who can just say whatever they want and not feel ashamed for it. I admire those that believe in themselves and don’t doubt their abilities. The ones who aren’t afraid to stand up or speak out for what they believe in, what ideas they have, and their worth.

Yes. Let’s get shrinky. I probably admire that trait so much because I lack it. I’m not someone who cuts someone off when they’re speaking. I can’t speak up in a crowded room or a team meeting. I worry too much about sounding dumb. I wish I’m more confident than I am. But, I love seeing others speak their mind. Doing what I can’t do. Telling a funny story without shame. It makes me wonder if there are others out there like me. I mean, does a hothead admire patience because they lack it? Does liar admire honesty because they fight their own tongue? Does a chatty person admire listeners because they have a hard time listening themselves?

What do you think? Feel free to share your thoughts. How would you answer the question? What admirable traits do you admire in others?

Published by Nikki

I am an aspiring author with one novel written and ready for representation and many in the works.

One thought on “Admirable Qualities

  1. Hi Nikki 🙂

    Similarly, I admire people who are authentic — but not because I lack it. Rather: it’s simply rare.

    You write @ — that’s authentic AF. Yet … it’s also meaningless 😐 . It’s kind of like a brand name — meaningless and empty. It’s quite obviously your *personal* brand. It doesn’t GAF about me, the language we share, communication. It simply states: *I exist*.

    To really knock my socks off, you need to do more than merely exist. You need to care about something. When you authenitcally care about something, you register something.whatever (FYI: note that AFAIK .whatever domains cannot be registered [yet?] … and BTW I would never register a .whatever domain name anyways 😉 ).

    Normally, that will cost a lot. You really have to care a WHOLE lot — like me with wants! 😀 )

    🙂 Norbert


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