Tribute to Songs

Owed to the boat built in sand, believing for rain
To the ones who touched and went their separate ways
To the one saying “Hello Darkness, my old friend.”
And those dubbed Unforgiven
To the reminder to serve while in the waiting
Knowing I just haven’t seen it yet.
To little miss one big mess and never rest
And the ones asking why you’re so mean
To the one who feels like a Monster
And the one falling through the black
To the one who just needs a reason
To finally come back
To the group who’s not going to die
Because it’s too good to be alive
To the ones in shame
Never to be called babe
And the ones accidentally falling in love
To the Renegade, running away
And the one who wants to be known for centuries
To the one at the mirror, asking who’s the loneliest
And the warrior who only wants what’s just
And most importantly to the Unstoppable One
Making a way
And let me just be proud to say
To my main character, he’s mine. That one
Got a wild-hair side and handsome
He’s fooling himself and he doesn’t believe it
But he’s got everything he needs to achieve it
And we wait, serve, and believe
For our dreams to finally be achieved

Published by Nikki

I am an aspiring author with one novel written and ready for representation and many in the works.

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