Anything Worth Doing Blog Post

So, a couple weeks ago, I encountered a post on Facebook that hit me pretty hard. Not like an “oh, my heart is breaking!” or a “Hahahahahaha!” But rather, an inspirational “wow, that’s…that’s actually true,” and I feel like I’ve known this for a while (a “back of the mind” type thing), but it didn’tContinue reading “Anything Worth Doing Blog Post”

You Claim You’re an Author…

I know there aren’t many followers to this site, but I’m hopeful I’ll get more. I hope to build a strong platform that might catch the interest of an agent that they’ll consider offering me representation. Representation for what? Well, to those of you who’ve read my bio, you might have noticed that line whereContinue reading “You Claim You’re an Author…”

The Birth of a Site Blog Post

Wow! Designing and completing this site was quite the venture for me! Like most people, I didn’t actually watch the WordPress tutorials for crafting a website. I figured: “how hard could it be?” Well, for my lacking computer skills, it was harder than I thought. WordPress advertises that you can get a website going inContinue reading “The Birth of a Site Blog Post”